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PostPosted: June 25th, 2016, 10:14 am 

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Beginning DEC 2015, 2 UNDER AGE men (age 30's) moved into a condo across the pond (300ft) from me in another section of Kings Point. They immediately began playing extremely loud music and thumping from a bass sound system ALL DAY & most of the NIGHT. - I have tried to take steps to get them to stop, but all they have done is reduce the volume but it still can be heard. Some of my nieghbors have told me they hear it also.
Police reports indicate that residents of THAT BUILDING have made complaints thinking the noise is coming from my building. ITS obvious they also have NO IDEA whats going on in their own building. I visited and spoke with the president of that building and he tells me, im crazy that there is no noise and no young men.
SO, who was I having words with across the water last month?
I filed a complaint with the city code compliance- He investigated during the one week that there was no niose and that condo was totally dark all week, meaning no one was there and obviously there was no noise- I saw them the next Sunday on their patio smoking cigarettes and they turned up the volume LOUD AGAIN for the next 2 days. I spoke with CODE & he called the renter (the boys father). The next day the noise was reduced but not stopped. Code officer told me to have police come and document the noise so he can take action; Police officer came to my condo and heard some noise but could not identify where it was coming from. He also refused to drive over the the other building to identify where it was coming from.
when I complained to their management company, I was told there are no complaints & I had no voice in the matter since I dont live in that building and dont bother them about it again. I have called the phone # on file for that condo and complained via voice message, but it only seems to have gotten a noise redcution- THEY ARE STILL PLAYING THE BASS THUMPING NOISE ALL NIGHT LONG-
I NEED someone with MORE CLOUT to take some action- WE MOVED HERE ( RETIREMENT community) for peace & quiet which is being rudely disturbed.
THE BY LAWS only allow for visitors (under age 55) to stay for a MAXIMUM of 30days, but they have been there since DEC 2015- Its now almost JULY 2016.
Thanks in advance for any assistance - I would not pursue their removal if they played nice, but they refuse to give up their LOUD THUMPING all night long.
SO booting them out seems the only recourse. PLEASE HELP- thanks

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